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Flare for Fashion - Liberty Grand (October 15, 2008)

Liberty Grand opened its doors on Wednesday (October 15, 2008) to celebrate the 4th annual fashion charity event, 'Flare' for Fashion event that showcases the latest in fashion trends with famed fashion designers and fashion retail houses. The gala attracts celebrities along with Toronto’s elite. Most importantly, it puts a face to a debilitating disease by sharing glimpses of heartfelt stories of people who live with lupus.

‘Flare’ for Fashion charity event was created to help raise the public awareness of a life-threatening disease, lupus. The proceeds of this event will help raise some of the necessary funding needed for the world renowned University of Toronto Lupus Clinic: Lupus Research Databank Program, located in Toronto Western Hospital. This facility provides ground breaking and world leading research, care and support for lupus patients and their families.

Flare for Fashion 2008 Photo

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