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Fake Prom 2008: Out Of This World - Palais Royale (August 15, 2008)

Do you recall your high school prom and wished that you could relive it again in a bigger and better way?  Maybe it wasn't so long ago.  Mine was... *ahem*... quite a while ago.  Look no further girls and guys because every year for the past three years Superintendent Reibling has successfully organized a prom that promises to be unique, entertaining and without the painful memories of high school.  It's a prom with a twist... it's an annual dress-up party that mimics the look and feel of a high school graduation formal dance... but is completely fraudulent! Not sanctioned by any official scholastic institutions or learning organizations, Fake Prom is a counter-culture alternative to the uptight rigidity of more "authorized" events.

Fake Prom 2008: "Out of this World" event was held at Palais Royale on Friday (August 15, 2008) with a futuristic sci-fi theme. Step over the space-bridge at the foot of Queen and Roncesvalles and be transported to Planet Palais Royale in the distant galaxy of W1CK3D-SP4CE-P4RTY!  That's right, terrestrial life forms!  Earth Women, dressed up in your most fashionable astro-dresses. Earth Men, put on your most dashing space helmets. (Cyborgs, androids or other humanoid-like robots are asked to please follow the Three Laws of Robotics.)

The night was promising from the start with a galactic decorated dance hall and the party just got better and better into the night.  Back by popular demand were the most acclaimed DJs: Vice-Principal Dougie Boom and Vice-Principal Chris Thinn. Their beats kept everyone on the dance floor and out of detention. Both of these disciplinarians have been confiscating the record collections of misbehaved detention students in order to bring you the best Fake Prom tune selections they can.  One of the centerpieces of Fake Prom is the Fake Prom Band.  The band that performed at the first ever Fake Prom and then knocked everybody's socks off again at last year's prom is BACK AGAIN! They've been watching endless re-runs of Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica to give them the inspiration to play the best show this part of the galaxy has ever seen.  They rock!

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