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Toronto Week of Style 2008 - GreenisBlack and Bambumoda (Day 1)

Toronto, ON (May 28, 2008)

The Toronto Week of Style was conceived by a group of individuals, (that later formed the Style Council of Canada), in 2004 out of a frustration created by a combination of a lack of true support of the Canadian Style industry by existing properties and governmental organizations and seeing an opportunity that was being wasted to grow a community that was quickly burgeonging due to a shift/growth in the pop culture landscape that style (and all that is under its' umbrella) is a pillar of into an industry.

The main purpose of the event is to showcase, promote and support the up and coming talent in the style industry. It does so by creating a promotional channel for all creators of lifestyle components (including but not limited to fashion, cosmetics, hair care, liquor, phones, and cars), with a secondary focus on providing marketers with a viable marketing channel to communicate directly with the cultural tastemakers that create and drive the movements/trends that guide the mass consumer (being both the creators of style and those that partake in it).

There will be two shows tonight by GreenisBlack and Bambumoda.

  • GreenisBlack is Canada's most forward thinking fashion show on sustainability (624 Yonge Street).
  • Bambumoda features some of the most style forward movements that are about to provide the fashion industry with their trends for the upcoming years.
GreenisBlack Fashion Photo

The GreenisBlack will be featuring the following designers: Deux Fm, Grace & Cello, del Forte Jeans, Edun, Ecoganik, Loomstate, Jack & Marjorie, Kelly B, Mink Shoes, Thieves, Oöm Ethikwear, Charmone Shoes, Desperately Different and Meadow.


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