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Zareinu Fashion Show 2009 - ROM (November 17, 2009)


November 17, 2009, Toronto, ON: Tonight, the Royal Ontario Museum was the place to be for the sixth annual Zareinu Fashion Show as top Canadian designers put on an incredible production filled with love, passion and style. Hosted by the legendary Jeanne Beker and attended by honoured guest Senator Linda Frum. Thien Le’s (Thien LE) and Nada Shepherd’s (NADA) fall 2009 and spring 2010 collections came to life through the amazing direction and vision of Len D. Henry (Fashcam Corp.). Proceeds from the event went to the Zareinu Educational Centre of Metropolitan Toronto, a Day School and Treatment Centre that provides education and individualized therapies to children with special needs.

In between showing NADA’s and Thien Le’s collections, Zareinu students made their modeling debuts and walked proudly down the runway. It was an emotional experience for all attendees, as many of these children were once told they may never walk. Yet they skipped, galloped, and twirled with excitement looking stunning in outfits provided by Little Ones. They proved once again that they truly are special. “This is a testimony of how the community is moving forward with inclusion,” says Stacy Markin, Zareinu parent and Fashion Show Co-Chair. “When I see my own daughter walk down the runway with her siblings, I am overwhelmed with emotions because we were initially told that this day would never come. Our family is indebted to Zareinu for making this miracle happen.”

Zareinu Students Fashion - Little Ones

“Our world is a better place because of difference – we are more compassionate, more sensitive,” says Ruth Zive, Zareinu Board Member and mother of 12-year-old Julia, who has Down Syndrome. “Kids with disabilities and differences would be completely marginalized if there weren’t places like Zareinu. The world would be at a terrible disadvantage if that were to happen.”

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