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Dr. Cory S. Goldberg - Fashionable Fundraiser (May 18, 2010)

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A Mission for Egyptian Smiles
Operation Smile compiled a team of medical experts to go out to a remote Egyptian city called Aswan for a two week mission to screen and treat as many patients as possible. The group of 72 volunteers from around the world, including Dr. Cory S. Goldberg as one of six surgeons, have one week to bring screening and operating rooms up to par in an existing sub-standard medical facility. The group brings in all of their own equipment and materials and set up stations to successfully screen over 200 potential patients to see if they are fit for surgery. Some patients travel seven days to get to the facility and set up camps outside of the hospital while they wait to be screened and hopefully undergo surgery.

“We set up a system where patients meet with pediatricians, dentists, speech therapists, plastic surgeons and other medical personnel to find viable candidates of surgery,” explained Dr. Goldberg. “It can be emotionally taxing and physically exhausting to make all of this happen in such a short time, but the group of volunteers really pulls together and we were very proud to deliver topnotch surgery to 108 children and young adults suffering craniofacial abnormalities.”

“We work as a group screening, scheduling surgeries and prioritizing patients based on their age and nature of their problem in order to safely perform the most operations, with the greatest impact, in the time that we have,” says Dr. Goldberg. There are multiple surgeries happening in an operating room to help as many children as space and time will allow. In fact the hectic surgical schedule in Aswan was executed in two rooms, containing two and three tables with concurrent surgeries happening on each.

Dr. Goldberg is the proud father of two small boys and believes it is his duty to help children in need: “Children suffer cleft lips, palates and other facial abnormalities that critically compromise basic functions like eating, communicating and smiling. It is particularly dangerous for infants who cannot form a proper suction for eating properly to survive. Knowing that I have the skills to help parents and babies survive and lead normal lives gives me no choice but to volunteer. Where I can help, I always will.”

About Dr. Goldberg and his practice
Dr. Goldberg and his team work out of this primary practice in Toronto’s Trillium Health Center. There are more than 20 procedures offered at the CAAASF-approved facilities, which operates on a paperless mandate, saving about 265 lbs of paper annually. (That’s the equivalent of an 8-foot high stack of paper.) He also operates out of McLean Clinic in Mississauga and The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Waterloo. As the first plastic surgeon to bring the Vectra 3D imaging system to Canada, Dr. Goldberg is revolutionizing how Canadians see plastic surgery. This technology makes it possible for Dr. Goldberg to give patients a true-to-life preview of the potential outcome of desired surgeries. For more information please visit

Digital Pixie would like to thank Fiona Keeshan from KeeshanPR and Dr. Cory S. Goldberg for the invitation.

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