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“The LIVERight Gala is about ‘living in the moment’ without suffering the consequences of that ‘moment’ for the rest of your life,” says Ms. Persaud Tolnay. “We want to give youth the opportunity to learn about liver health risks, along with their parents, so they can talk about it together. Hepatitis B and C are both serious forms of liver disease affecting more than 600,000 Canadians. In many cases however, liver disease can be prevented if you know the risks and what actions to take. Our goal is to give youth the information they need to protect themselves before they need it.”

The LIVERight youth strategy seeks to promote informed decisions amongst young people in order to protect their life-long liver health. Fundraising events, such as the LIVERight Gala, are essential in raising the financial support necessary for both ongoing research and education to reduce the incidence and impact of liver-related diseases in Canada. All proceeds from the event benefit the Canadian Liver Foundation and will help expand youth-oriented education and prevention programs. Key sponsors for the event include Air Canada, Crush and Bruce Power.

Both corporations and individuals who wish to purchase tickets will receive a charitable tax receipt.

  $500 / ticket ($250 tax receipt)
  $350 / ticket ($100 tax receipt)
  $5000 / table ($2,500 tax receipt)
  $3,500 / table ($1,000 tax receipt)

For more information or to purchase tickets to the gala, please visit

About LIVERight

Launched in 2007, the goal of CLF’s LIVERight initiative is to educate Canadians of all ages about the vital role the liver plays in life-long health. LIVERight seeks to inspire people to not only learn how to safeguard their liver health in daily life but also to speak out, donate and volunteer to help the over three million Canadians personally affected by liver disease.

About CLF

The Canadian Liver Foundation is a national charity committed to promoting liver health, raising funds for research and providing education and support to patients, families, health care professionals and the general public through its chapters across Canada.


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